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Spirit plant in Usady

Usady spirit plant started production of grain alcohol in 2015. In terms of production volumes, it is one of the largest enterprises in the industry. The plant is capable of producing up to 10,000 decaliters of high-quality grain alcohol of the "Alpha" category, about one hundred tons of a food additive for animal feed in the form of dry granular stillage. The plant meets all the requirements of environmental legislation.

Spirit plant in Mamadysh

Mamadysh spirit plant is one of the oldest enterprises in the city, founded in 1883. Today it produces more than 3,000 decaliters of high-quality grain alcohol per day. For its production, the plant uses spring water from the "Holy Chalice" spring. The enterprise operates on the principles of waste-free technology, produces dry granular vinasse, fodder yeast, liquefied carbon dioxide. stillage, feed yeast, liquefied carbon dioxide.

Kazan distillery

Kazan distillery celebrated its 45th anniversary this year. The highest level of technical equipment, production automation and the introduction of modern technologies have allowed the enterprise to multiply the volume of its products, while maintaining the unsurpassed quality of alcoholic beverages that have received access to the federal market.

Usad distillery

The Usad distillery dates back to 1898. Brands were born here: vodka "Tatarstan" and bitter liqueur "Timerkhan". The highest authority and skill of the technologists of the Usad Distillery have glorified the quality of the branch's products far beyond the borders of Tatarstan. The plant daily confirms the quality of its products as a standard of purity and safety of alcoholic beverages.

Winery «Vigrosso»

Winery «VIGROSSO» was founded in December 1938. After joining the holding, Tatspirtprom became one of the most equipped in its industry. Today, cognacs, aperitifs, and Glen Rivers whiskey are produced here.

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