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The assortment line of "White Kremlin" beer was released in a new design.

Flagship beer "White Kremlin", including non-alcoholic beer, lager "White Kremlin Classic" and wheat ale "White Kremlin White", the plant "White Kremlin" JSC "Tatspirtprom" presented in a new design.

The accent of the new style is the star. On the can and new bottle labels, it represents the unity of five different components, without which beer production is impossible: malt, hops, yeast, water and high-tech equipment.

Each variety is assigned an individual color - red, green, golden, which makes it easier to choose a product on the shelf. White background and contrasting color scheme convey the main meaning of the brand.

The can has two front sides, which will allow you to put the stars like puzzles, to create a "star" display on store shelves from various types of beer.

Beer "White Kremlin" is made only from natural raw materials on European equipment KRONES AG under the supervision of a team of highly qualified brewers who are in love with their business.

"White Kremlin" - one for all, for each his own! Meet the new look of your favorite product on store shelves.

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